ICASA 20/23: Consultant to assist with the licensing process for the IMT spectrum

Icasa 20 23 Terms Of Reference

The Authority seeks to appoint a service provider to assist with the auction design and management of the licensing process, including conducting an auction process for the assignment and licensing of the IMT spectrum bands IMT750, IMT800, IMT1500, IMT2300, IMT3300, and IMT3500 spectrum bands as contemplated in terms of the Terms of Reference (TOR) contained in Annexure A.

Non- Compulsory Virtual briefing session

Date: 09 June 2023

Time: 11h00

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Icasa 20 23 Terms Of Reference (107.76 KB)
Bidding Document Icasa 20 2023 (932.54 KB)
Icasa 20 23 Annexure A (98.25 KB)
Icasa 20 23 Gcc Icasa (506.95 KB)
Annexure L (112.46 KB)
• List of the bidders- IMT Spectrum Auction (70.79 KB)