Vision, mission and values


An inclusive digital society.


To ensure that all South Africans have access to a wide range of high-quality communication services at affordable prices.


All ICASA’s regulatory activities are centred around five core values: innovation, collaboration, accountability, and being results-driven and stakeholder-centric.


  • We have the willingness and ability to generate viable, new approaches and solutions

  • We find different and better ways of applying best solutions to meet stakeholder needs


  • We eradicate silos by developing a conscious mindset that aligns our work with organisational vision and strategy

  • We create synergies internally to fast-track organisational performance


  • We execute our daily work in a proactive manner

  • We take full responsibility for the work that we do in collaboration with others


  • We achieve high-quality results that are consistent with organisational standards

  • We do goal-specific performance assessments and identify areas of improvement


  • We carry out our duties with the stakeholder in mind. Stakeholders are central to what we do and we welcome their feedback for a consistent and effective partnership