Report Fraud

ICASA has established a facility that enables whistle-blowers to report wrongdoing related to the business of ICASA. ICASA’s independent external hotline service (Whistle Blower fraud hotline) guarantees employees, suppliers, consultants and members of the public their anonymity.

ICASA provides assurance to all staff, suppliers and other stakeholders related to ICASA that they will be protected from any penal action or victimisation arising from any legitimate matters reported through any of the reporting channels provided.

Fraud hotline:

Dedicated Fraud hotline number: +27(0)800 201 409


Post to:         BNT 371

                    PO Box 14671



Online reporting: Click on this link

Guidelines for reporting

ICASA is committed to treating allegations of wrongdoing seriously and will fully investigate any incidents reported.

What can be reported?

There are mainly two types of “wrongdoing”, namely: criminal (e.g. commercial crimes) and other irregular or unethical behaviour.

Commercial crime 

This relates to any unlawful act or failure to act that would result in offences such as the following (please note that this list is not exhaustive):

  • bribery, corruption, forgery, fraud, theft and receipt of stolen property;
  • payment or receipt of bribes;
  • abuse of confidential ICASA information;
  • unlawful destruction, and the removal or concealment of ICASA records, property and equipment; and

Unethical behaviour 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • not obeying ICASA’s policies and/or procedures; and
  • highly sensitive and serious issues, such as unfair discrimination, sexual harassment, racism, nepotism etc.

Making use of the Tip-offs fraud and ethics hotline  

Checklist before making a call

 Any person, as mentioned above, who has a reasonable belief that there is wrongdoing relating to any of the above matters, must raise a concern by means of the said Whistle Blower fraud hotline.

Concerns must be raised without malice, must be in good faith and must not be made for purposes of personal gain. The individual making the disclosure must reasonably believe that the information and the allegations contained therein is substantially true.

ICASA shall ensure that whoever makes a disclosure, will not be penalised or suffer any adverse treatment for doing so. However, an employee of ICASA who acts in bad faith or makes an allegation for the purposes of personal gain and/or acts with malice will be subject to disciplinary action.

 Please provide the following information when making an allegation of wrongdoing:

  • Date, time and place of incident;
  • Name(s) of person(s) involved;
  • Any witnesses to the incident;
  • Proof of wrongdoing;
  • Whether there is any money involved; and
  • The frequency of the incident(s)?