Public Hearings and Workshops

MTN (Pty) Ltd v Vodacom (Pty) Ltd: 20 Mar 2023

MTN lodged a complaint against Vodacom, with the CCC in terms of regulation 6 of the Regulations Governing the Aspects of the Procedures of the CCC as amended, read with regulation 8 of the Ordering System Specification for Geographic, Non-Geographic (OSS Regulations) and Mobile Number Portability. MTN alleges that Vodacom has breached the ECA and Number Portability Regulations in terms of paragraph 2(1) of the FSS which provides that number porting process is recipient-led and is initiated when the subscriber submits a porting request to the recipient operator. Further, paragraph 5 of the FSS provides for grounds upon which a donor operator may only reject a request to port. In addition to the Number Portability Regulations, Vodacom has an obligation in terms of regulation 5(2)of the OSS Regulations. MTN alleges that it submitted porting requests on behalf of the SAPS, to Vodacom totalling 2784 and out of the 2784 porting requests, only 85 were approved. Vodacom has refused to port 2699 mobile voice numbers and refused to provide reasons for the refusal

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Radio Teemaneng Management v the Board of Directors of Radio Teemaneng Hearing: 30 March 2023

Radio Teemaneng Management (the Complainant) lodged a complaint with the CCC in terms of s17B(a)(ii) of the ICASA Act. The alleged contraventions against the Board of Directors are as follows: 1. failure to hold an AGM since 2016, 2. failure to allow for the community participation in the affairs of the Licensee, 3. interference in the daily operations of the Licensee, 4. holding meetings without an ex-officio, and 5. prohibited distribution of the asset of the Licensee, it is alleged that the Chairperson of the Board has received a personal cell phone from the Radio Station; and 6. failure to organise an elective AGM after the expiry of term of office of the BOD.

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