National Radio Frequency Plan 2018

Johannesburg – ICASA hereby publishes the National Radio Frequency Plan (NRFP) 2018. The NRFP-18 allocates the Radio Frequency Spectrum to Radio Services in the Frequency Bands between 8.3 kHz and 3000 GHz. All radio frequency assignments are to be made in line with the national radio frequency plan.

The revised NRFP-18 incorporates the decisions taken by the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15). The revision reflects the 2016 edition of the ITU Radio Regulations version, including the frequency allocations relevant to Region 1 and its associated footnotes.

The National Radio Frequency Plan is also consistent with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Frequency Allocation Plan (FAP) thus ensuring regional harmonisation with the resultant benefits on economies of scale.

“Harmonisation of radio frequency spectrum for Africa as well as across the world is such an important aspect to ensure that we enjoy the benefits of the economies of scale and to warrant that the introduction of new technologies benefit the citizens on the continent,” says ICASA’s Councillor Peter Zimri.

The South African population spread and geography lends itself to technology which favours wireless solutions. As a consequence, it is no surprise that mobile broadband has emerged as the most popular solution for the advancement of broadband access. ICASA has consequently responded to national expectations and made its decision for mobile broadband known in the International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) Roadmap of 2014.

The National Radio Frequency Plan has further incorporated emergency communications and disaster relief as identified by WRC-15 to facilitate mobile broadband communications for robust and reliable mission critical emergency services in public protection and disaster relief (PPDR), such as police, fire, ambulances and disaster response teams.

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