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The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa hereby calls upon interested parties to submit comments following the publication of its decisions on the licensing of the remaining radio frequency spectrum in the 2.6 and 3.5 GHz bands. The decisions were published in the Government Gazette No 31150 of 17 June 2008. All representations and documents lodged with ICASA shall be open for public inspection by interested parties during the normal office hours of ICASA. Representations and documents that ICASA considers to be confidential will not be available for public inspection.

Persons submitting representations that they believe are confidential should indicate so clearly, together with their reasons for requesting confidentiality. ICASA may, on receiving such requests, determine that such documents shall not be open for public inspection. If a request for confidentiality is refused, the person making the request will be allowed to withdraw the document in question.

For more information about Spectrum Licensing Framework, see the table below.